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People will never forget this (I hope they do…)

Today we will be time traveling back a ways to Thursday night or, what i thought, was Friday morning. Oh Boy here it goes…

So after going to early morning weights class every morning this week (AKA my only exercise in two years) I was really tired, had an early dinner of subway, and fell asleep at around…say 5:30. Here’s where it gets interesting…

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Tomorrow Should Be Interesting (Hopefully in a Good Way)

So tomorrow I should wake up to a new me, with two new activities on my plate and hopefully these lead to a better me that is more social and less…not.

At  7:00 a.m. is the first early morning weights class for next years football team. Seeing as I haven’t lifted in two years or played football in four and am not really seen as the athlete type it should be interesting to hear the remarks from my friends (who talked me into this). Continue reading

Black Ops (RAWR!!!)

Ok so why does it seem that black ops isn’t fu anymore. I’m tired of having the same old maps and having the same gun used against no matter who or what I’m playing online. Continue reading

Oh How the Weekends Interest Me (In A Cruel Kinda Way)

Last night started out perfect…group of friends driving to town to get some delicious 24/7 Mexican food at midnight. It all went so goo untill we got done eating and went out to leave.

We thought we’d play a joke on one of our friends by getting him out of one car to come talk to us in the other, then we would both drive off and leave him in the parking lot. This was funny, very funny, along with his reaction how he wasn’t our friend anymore and how he hate’s mexican’s and yadda yadda yadda. Continue reading

Finnaly Getting Paid for Blogging

So I wrote my first post for (see blogroll) yesterday and they decided to put it up! Easy as that.

I wrote an article on the upcoming Black Ops DLC and they payed me $1 for it (67 cents after paypal fees).

Let’s hope after I start Writing some more those cents slowly grow into that stack of Benjamin’s up there.

The Red Scare (I didn’t cheat I sware!)

So today after we had taken our U.S History Test about WWI our teacher looked at our tests and said he had reason to believe that several of us are cheating. When  he asked who did it and one of the people who had seen the test that went around the school was the smartest kid in the class I was shocked…at first.

Earlier at lunch I was (In my teachers words) apparently being an awesome lunch detective and noticed our history techer pulling people out of the hall and talking to them. I simply put it aside when i heard there had been a fight and when they told me nothing. Continue reading

Rock School (not a School of Rock rip off)

To start off on a good note, like things mostly should, today my Biology teacher brought up the concept of a “Rock School” club type thing happening at our school. At first i passed it off as it being for people in band, knew how to play/sing, and actually owned an instrument. But when he actually started to explain the other thing that was involved it really struck my interest’s.

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