This should be awkward…


Jake, [jeyk], n. 16 year old boy trying to do something worth while. Needs to move out of a town of 2,674 people. Most commonly refereed to as Stewart (seeing as he was unfortunate enough to be the second Jake in the school.


Goals (in no particular order):

  1. Move out!
  2. Learn HTML
  3. Get one person to comment on my blog
  4. Graduate with some sort of idea
  5. Remove head from dark place


Enough of the crap. This blog is mainly for me to vent, gloat, and collect my thoughts about the life around me (probably won’t do much gloating). My life is about High School, Video Games, Computers, and getting on with life. Many say these are the best years of our lives but i disagree…When i stop hearing complaints about money and how so and so doesn’t talk to me on Facebook, that will be paradise.

    • AA
    • February 4th, 2011

    Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m AA 🙂

    I like your goals! Especially the ‘learn html’ one. I haven’t been doing so good on that one haha.

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