People will never forget this (I hope they do…)

Today we will be time traveling back a ways to Thursday night or, what i thought, was Friday morning. Oh Boy here it goes…

So after going to early morning weights class every morning this week (AKA my only exercise in two years) I was really tired, had an early dinner of subway, and fell asleep at around…say 5:30. Here’s where it gets interesting…

I wake up at 6:50 thinking, OH CRAP I’M LATE! So i get up take a shower and start walking to school thinking just like it’s a normal day. When I get to the school i see so many cars at the school I wonder what the heck is going on but i just set it aside as not being a big deal (I don’t know why but I did). All the doors were locked and there was a wrestling match going on at what I though was 7:00 A.M. Friday morning.

I don’t want to watch wrestling so I head outside, call my mom and ask if she could come get me. She is freaked out that I got out of the house without here knowing but is laughing at me to no stop and tells me to walk home.

I don’t think I will ever stop getting made fun of for this stupid, yet acceptable mistake for going to school at night…*sigh of grief*

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