The Red Scare (I didn’t cheat I sware!)

So today after we had taken our U.S History Test about WWI our teacher looked at our tests and said he had reason to believe that several of us are cheating. When  he asked who did it and one of the people who had seen the test that went around the school was the smartest kid in the class I was shocked…at first.

Earlier at lunch I was (In my teachers words) apparently being an awesome lunch detective and noticed our history techer pulling people out of the hall and talking to them. I simply put it aside when i heard there had been a fight and when they told me nothing.

In class I linked 2 and 2 together (4) and started laughing, got yelled at by the teacher and my fellow students (why would I be laughing if we were going to get a 0, they all said) and finally our teacher laughed and wrote RED SCARE on the board.

I don’t exactly know what the red scare is but i know that it had something about accusing someone of being something that someone was not (Say that five times fast) and that there were two of them in our history.

  1. aww sorry you all got a zero, teachers are super detectives now. ive been accused of cheating before…scary feeling anyway nice blog i will keep checkin in 🙂

    • HAHA! Nobody actually got a zero on the test for cheating because no one cheated. it was just a mini simulation of how people would’ve felt during the Red scare (when tons of people were accused of being anarchists but they weren’t really)

      Thanks I’ll check your blog out too

    • disturbedprincess
    • January 29th, 2011

    Oh gossh scary an wierd haha

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